The Isadora Merino


“You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you.”

Isadora Duncan, the woman who broke conventional barriers of movement to create modern dance, is the namesake behind this jacket. Fitted sleeves contrasting an exaggerated draped collar give this jacket flow and movement reminiscent of the liberated dance of its namesake.

  • Pictured here in Cashmere suede with Merino sheepskin
  • Asymmetrical front zip
  • Cross body snap closure for closer fit
  • Note: no pockets
  • Stretch undersleeve
  • Available for pre-order ships in 6-8 weeks from date of purchase 
  • Model wears a size 0
  • Fits true to size but can be sized down for tighter fit in sleeve or up for extra sleeve room
  • Standard sleeve length of 24". for sleeve length adjustments, customize this jacket or contact us
  • Refer to our size guide for more information

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