Meet By The Namesake

At by the namesake we are not off-the-rack women, nor did we want our leather jackets to be. We created By The Namesake to answer your need for individuality and personal edge in design, as in other aspects of your life.




At By The Namesake, we believe in owning fewer, better things. To keep a slow fashion pace, every product is made at our Toronto atelier, where craftsmanship and quality are our top priorities.



By making everything in-house, we are able to ensure that every piece that leaves our studio is made out of sustainably sourced leather which is a direct by-product of the food industry and made by hands that experience safe and fair working conditions.



We encourage and celebrate inclusivity. Our ready-to-wear offerings are available in a diverse size range and our made-to-measure program caters to any and all body-types.

Rosa Halpern


Rosa Halpern is the owner, designer and life force behind By The Namesake. Her background in fashion is extensive, learning to sew and pattern at age 10 and having her first internship at age 16.

By The Namesake started organically when a friend asked Rosa to make a leather jacket after tirelessly searching for a jacket that fit her perfectly and had every feature she was looking for. And then more requests started coming in, and more... until Rosa realized she had a waitlist of people who wanted to customize a leather jacket. An untapped niche; and so By The Namesake was born.

Named after two influential women herself - Rosa Parks and Rosa Luxemburg - Rosa Halpern built her brand based on the belief that women and men of every shape, size and style, should feel like the best version of themselves (channelling the energy of there own namesake) when in the perfect leather jacket.

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