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1. Select Base Jacket - Select Your Style Women's Jackets
1. Select Base Jacket - Select Your Stlye The Petit Prince (85)
2. Leather - Select Your First Leather Shark - Medium weight, heavy grain, high stretch, medium durability. Irresistibly soft and stretchy for such a heavy and grained leather, this is going to break into the ultimate “vintage” looking jacket. PRICE:
2. Leather - Select Your Second Leather Croc - Heavy weight, heavy grain (textured print), low stretch, high durability. Our signature look, an elevated black option for the customer who loves a black leather but is looking for something *extra* PRICE:
2. Leather - Select Your Third Leather Snake - Heavy weight, low stretch, low grain (printed pattern), medium durability Go ALL out with our shimmery snake printed leather. We guarantee no one else will be wearing the same outfit as you in this bad baby! PRICE:
2. Leather - Select Your Fourth Leather Silver Slate - Medium weight, medium grain, low stretch, high durability Faded black with just a hint of metallic gives the PERFECT sophisticated rock n’ roll look! PRICE:
3. Size - Select Size 1 16
3. Size - Select Size 2 18
configId rykDxns88KtC0u5zhrpuq5gE

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