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1. Select Base Jacket - Select Your Style Women's Jackets
1. Select Base Jacket - Select Your Stlye The Maud
2. Leather - Select Your First Leather Glitter Suede - Light weight, high stretch, medium durability A suede alternative to matte black for those dressier occasions. Choose this if you’re looking for that glossy look without the super-shine of patent.
2. Leather - Select Your Second Leather Washed Nero - Medium weight, medium grain, medium stretch, high durability. This veg-tanned leather is the best of both worlds with the feel of lambskin and the durability of cowskin.
2. Leather - Select Your Third Leather Kobe Lite - Light weight, heavy grain, medium stretch, high durability. Everything we love about Kobe, but just a little lighter for those who want a jacket for all seasons and are looking for that ‘worn in’ feel the moment they slip it on. PRICE:
2. Leather - Select Your Fourth Leather Shark - Medium weight, heavy grain, high stretch, medium durability. Irresistibly soft and stretchy for such a heavy and grained leather, this is going to break into the ultimate “vintage” looking jacket. PRICE:
3. Size - Select Size 1 2
3. Size - Select Size 2 4
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