The Yoko - Customer's Product with price 1625.00 ID 85LcbEmstWEw2e5VOZ9hb4KD

1. Leather - Select Your Leather Kobe - Heavy weight, heavy grain, low stretch, high durability The ultimate “biker jacket” leather - durable and heavy enough for any situation life may throw your way. Kobe will take some wearing in, but once it mounds to your body you will never want to wear anything else. PRICE: (1,590)
2. Hardware - Select Your Hardware Gold
3. Lining - Select You Lining Weight Lightweight 100% Silk (35)
3. Lining - Select Your Lining 106
4. Add-Ons - Back Detail Back Yoke Lace-Up
5. Size - Select Your Size 10
6. Personalize - Select Your Font Style Classic
6. Personalize - Custom Paint No
6. Personalize - Consent Select to accept
configId 85LcbEmstWEw2e5VOZ9hb4KD

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