The Prince - Customer's Product with price 1560.00 ID PgPGLl4uHHDRM8bhpEIHT0g-

1. Leather - Select Your Leather B/W Cowhide - Medium weight, low stretch, high durability hair-on hide cowhide makes for an absolute statement piece. Made using recycled leather that is 100% bi-product of the food industry. Please note pattern will differ as this is a naturally patterned material. (1,445)
2. Hardware - Select Your Hardware Black
3. Lining - Select You Lining Weight Standard
3. Lining - Select Your Lining SNAKE
4. Add-Ons - Fringe Yes (115)
5. Size - Select Your Size 40
6. Personalize - Personalize
configId PgPGLl4uHHDRM8bhpEIHT0g-

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