The Maud - Customer's Product with price 1175.00 ID RsNI7nJRQ3VsN4GFOQsFvYjk

1. Leather - Shoulder Stlye 2" shoulder pad
1. Leather - Shoulder Style 2 Snow - Heavy weight, heavy grain, low stretch, medium durability This leather is durable and heavy enough for any situation life may throw your way, but white is not for the faint of heart! We’ve done our best to source the most resilient white leather we can find, but white is white, so be prepared that your jacket will show wear! PRICE: (1,135)
4. Add-Ons - Studs No
4. Add-Ons - Fur Collar No
4. Add-Ons - Fringe No
4. Add-Ons - Interior Pocket Left Handed (40)
5. Size - Select Your Size 00
6. Personalize - Personalize 10-15-22
6. Personalize - Custom Paint No
configId RsNI7nJRQ3VsN4GFOQsFvYjk

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