The Grace - Customer's Product with price 1125.00 ID 8BkYsMruO80OsawixrZAvCHh

1. Leather - Select Your Leather Kobe Lite - Light weight, heavy grain, medium stretch, high durability. Everything we love about Kobe, but just a little lighter for those who want a jacket for all seasons and are looking for that ‘worn in’ feel the moment they slip it on. PRICE: (1,085)
2. Hardware - Select Your Hardware Gunmetal
4. Add-Ons - Studs No
4. Add-Ons - Fur Sleeves No
4. Add-Ons - Interior Pocket Right Handed (40)
5. Size - Select Your Size 4
6. Personalize - Personalize
6. Personalize - Custom Paint No
configId 8BkYsMruO80OsawixrZAvCHh

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