The Emmeline - Customer's Product with price 1220.00 ID RXhP5kCuj8I_8r4raExdluqp

1. Leather - Select Your Leather Patent Black - Light weight, low grain, high stretch, high durability Patent leather has a reputation for feeling a bit like plastic… but not this one! With enough stretch to allow you to show off your jacket on any dance floor! PRICE: (1,135)
2. Hardware - Select Your Hardware Gold
3. Lining - Select You Lining Weight Lightweight 100% Silk (35)
3. Lining - Select Your Lining 167
4. Add-Ons - Fur Sleeves Yes
5. Size - Select Your Size 8
6. Personalize - Personalize NM
6. Personalize - Select Your Font Style Gothic
6. Personalize - Custom Paint Yes
6. Personalize - Chili (50)
6. Personalize - Let us know your vision below! Ie. Where the paint should be applied, colors etc. I want the paint on the inner wrist area of the jacket
configId RXhP5kCuj8I_8r4raExdluqp

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