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1. Select Base Jacket - Select Your Style_0_0_1 Men's Jackets
1. Select Base Jacket - Select Your Style_0_2_3 The Prince (85)
2. Leather - Select Your First Leather B/W Cowhide - Medium weight, low stretch, high durability hair-on hide cowhide makes for an absolute statement piece. Made using recycled leather that is 100% bi-product of the food industry. Please note pattern will differ as this is a naturally patterned material.
2. Leather - Select Your Second Leather Ruby Suede - Medium weight, medium stretch, medium durability suede is luxurious and decadent - you won’t beat its drape or velvety sheen with any other leather… But with great luxury comes great responsibility… don’t get stuck in the rain or spill on this one!
2. Leather - Select Your Third Leather Snow - Heavy weight, heavy grain, low stretch, medium durability This leather is durable and heavy enough for any situation life may throw your way, but white is not for the faint of heart! We’ve done our best to source the most resilient white leather we can find, but white is white, so be prepared that your jacket will show wear! PRICE:
2. Leather - Select Your Fourth Leather Snake Midnight - Heavy weight, low stretch, low grain (printed pattern), medium durability Go ALL out with our shimmery snake printed leather. We guarantee no one else will be wearing the same outfit as you in this bad baby! PRICE:
3. Size - Select Size 1 38
3. Size - Select Size 2 40
configId tdGmCa9H8kMt3yk4X6nkiXEQ

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