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1. Select Base Jacket - Select Your Style_0_0_1 Men's Jackets
1. Select Base Jacket - Select Your Style_0_2_1 The Nelson (85)
2. Leather - Select Your First Leather Dandy - Medium weight, high stretch, medium durability. Buttery soft lamb skin makes for the most comfortable leather you’ve ever worn, but isn’t for the reckless as it will show slight wear over time (but we think that’s part of what makes a leather jacket so special!) PRICE:
2. Leather - Select Your Second Leather Shelby - Heavy weight, low grain, medium stretch, medium durability. A leather lover's leather, Shelby will arrive stiff but mould to your body quicker than most heavy leathers taking on the patina of a perfectly-worn vintage jacket.
2. Leather - Select Your Third Leather Washed Nero - Medium weight, medium grain, medium stretch, high durability. This veg-tanned leather is the best of both worlds with the feel of lambskin and the durability of cowskin.
3. Size - Select Size 1 36
3. Size - Select Size 2 38
configId o6wZlRG_2ppD13lZnbBaZ2Dm

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