The Nelson - Customer's Product with price 1580.00 ID 6yF_E7N3lZ2kzDMqdOJHgXfT

1. Leather - Select Your Leather Nirvana - Medium weight, high stretch, medium durability. Buttery soft lamb skin makes for the most comfortable leather you’ve ever worn, but isn’t for the reckless as it will show slight wear over time (but we think that’s part of what makes a leather jacket so special!) PRICE: (1,540)
2. Hardware - Select Your Hardware Gunmetal
3. Lining - Select You Lining Weight Standard
3. Lining - Select Your Lining 2
4. Add-Ons - Interior Pocket Right Handed (40)
5. Size - Select Your Size 38
6. Personalize - Personalize SYG
6. Personalize - Select Your Font Style Classic
6. Personalize - Consent Select to accept
configId 6yF_E7N3lZ2kzDMqdOJHgXfT

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